Spring Conference (March 3-4, 2017)


All of the Ignite videos are now posted!

Friday Night Ignite Event Slides

Friday Night Ingite Event slides (pptx)

Saturday Presentation Slides

The Joy of Sets (pdf)
by John Thoo

Moving to Scale: Developmental Math Redesign in the Thousands (pptx)
by Lynn Marecek; Marty Romero; Lisa McKowan-Bourguinon

Promoting equity through active and collaborative learning technologies accessible in and out of class (website)
by James Maloney; Dr. Yu-Chung Chang-Hou; Dr. Julius Su

Multicultural Mathematics (pdf)
by Robert Cappetta

Using Some Nice Statistics and GeoGebra apps (website)
by Tuyetdong Phan-Yamada

Are 10 and other numbers beside 1 also lonely? (pdf)
by Khoi Vo

Prestatistics: Acceleration and New Hope for Non-STEM Majors (pdf)
by Jay Lehmann

Humanizing Statistics (website)
by Marty Romero

From the Abacus to the iPhone (pdf)
by John Martin

Motivating Students to Learn Infinite Series (pdf)
by Robert Cappetta

Pre-statistics: A Student Panel (pptx)
by Hal Huntsman

Get Your Math Classes into the Hands of Your Students (pptx)
by Heather Schmidt

The Professional Learning Network - Your One Stop Site for Professional Development
by Michelle DuBreuil; Candace Robertson

Teaching Statistics with Simulation (pptx) or (pdf)
by Ambika Silva; Dustin Silva

Intermediate MyOpenMath (see websites below)
by Roy Shahbazian; Dahlia Vu
Introduction - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oQTTut6qA_Q
Item analysis - http://www.imathas.com/training/Mod7-averages/Mod7-averages.html
Copying and sharing assignments - http://www.imathas.com/training/Mod4-copycourseitems/Mod4-copycourseitems.html
View and Remove Questions - http://www.imathas.com/training/Mod4-viewremoveq/Mod4-viewremoveq.html
Assignment settings - http://www.imathas.com/training/Mod5-settings/Mod5-settings.html
Finding questions - http://www.imathas.com/training/Mod5-searchlibs/Mod5-searchlibs.html
Finding questions - http://www.imathas.com/training/Mod5-fromexisting/Mod5-fromexisting.html
Gradebook settings - http://www.imathas.com/training/Mod7-gbscheme2/Mod7-gbscheme2.html

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