Spring Conference (March 6, 2021)

Presentation Slides

Magic Tricks and Activities Supporting Active Learning in Mathematics (YouTube video)
Keynote Speaker: Dr. Ivona Grzegorczyk

No Chalkboard, No Whiteboard, No Paper, Where's the Math? (pptx)
Speaker: Fred Feldon

The GIFs that Keep on GIFing (YouTube video)
Speaker: Daniel Haiem

Concepts Come to Life Through Animation (pdf)
Speaker: Mark Hugen

Virtual Courses Require Mastery-Based Solutions (pptx)
Speaker: Hannah Johnson

Interactive Online Tools for Distance Learning (pptx)
Speaker: Tuyetdong Phan-Yamada
Websites: Phan-Yamada | GeoGebra | Jamboard | MyOpenMath
GeoGebra Activities: Factoring Quadratic Expressions | For Hand-Writing
Jamboards: Basic Trigonometric Dominos | Matching Basic Functions
Google Docs: First Day Meeting

Teaching Introductory Statistics: Ask Good Questions (pptx)
Speaker: Allan Rossman

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Last updated November 25, 2021