Spring Conference (March 4-5, 2016)


All available Ignite videos and the keynote talk video are now posted!

If the Ignite video slides are hard to read, then you can try this other version.

Friday Night Ignite Event Slides

Friday Night Ingite Event slides (pptx)

Saturday Presentation Slides

Humanistic Mathematics (pdf)
by Gizem Karaali

Teaching a Prestatistics Course: Propelling Non-STEM Students Forward (pdf)
by Jay Lehmann

Proofs and Problems without Words (pptx) (and handout (docx))
by Karl Ting

Catalogue of Mathematics Applications Found in Non-Mathematics Courses (pptx)
by Larry Green

Creating Rational Equations with Rational Solutions (pptx) (and handout #1 (pdf), handout #2 (pdf), handout #3 (pdf))
by Alan Roebuck

Matrices are Matrices of Matrices: A Blockheaded Approach to Linear Algebra (pdf)
by Stephan Ramon Garcia

L.A. Math: Romance, Crime, and Mathematics in the City of Angels (website with video)
by Jim Stein

Teaching Mathematics or Statistics Online? Building a Community for Faculty (pptx)
by Barbara Illowsky

Common Assessment Overview (and Implementation Team Infographic (website))
by Marina Aminy

Creating an iPad Classroom for Redesign and Innovation (pptx) (and handout #1 (docx) and handout #2 (pdf))
by Lynn Marecek

Flip Your Grade Book With Concept-based Grading (pptx) (and handout (pdf))
by Phil Smith

Ancient Numerals (pptx)
by Lusine Kopushyan

Active Learning and Social Media (pptx) and Engaging Students Using Technology (pptx)
by Fred Feldon and Edouard Tchertchian

Teaching Differential Equations the SIMIODE Way (zip)
by John Thoo

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